Who Is A Landscaper? His Roles, Qualities And Other Details

The landscaper is above all a nature lover who will become its architect. Depending on its specialization, it may have to rethink several types of surfaces and living environments: private or business gardens, terraces, and green spaces in town (crossroads, square, park, etc.).

The landscaper is an environmental professional who develops urban spaces and public and private gardens. Always consulted when a development project is imagined, it follows the work done and sometimes takes part. The landscape designer is an indispensable professional for the creation of spaces and the transformation of the landscape.

How to become a Landscaper?

Much more than a simple decorator, the landscaper is today considered a true architect of green spaces who has the burden of the beauty of our cities and our countryside. Thanks to his endless imagination and his overflowing creativity, the landscape artist is able to showcase our landscapes from his office where he most often does his job. An essential professional in the environment, the landscaper is even consulted when building a motorway or setting up a TGV line.

Role of the landscaper:

Due to its extensive functions, the landscape architect has several missions to perform including:

  1. The creation or renovation of green spaces to enhance the landscape.
  2. The realization of sketches for projects along with the design of development plans.
  3. A detailed analysis of the landscaping sites before commencing the job.
  4. The organization of all the tasks..
  5. Maintenance of landscaped sites.
  6. Making sure that all the documentation and contracts are done.
  7. The maintenance of a network of contacts with its partners (architects, planners, horticulturists, and gardeners, etc).

Becoming a Landscaper: Qualities required

A landscaper deals with many clients (private, public servants, sports companies …), he must have a very good relationship. The job of landscape gardener requires to have good professional knowledge, as well in the use of the plants as in electricity, in architecture, in botany, in civil engineering, in plumbing, in mechanics. It is necessary to have a taste of the work in the open air because of the ever changing climate. Good physical condition is also necessary. The landscape must have a sense of initiative, be attentive and meticulous. He must have a good imagination and, like any artist, have a certain aesthetic sense to create new landscaped spaces.

The landscaper must know how to work in a team and lead several trades. It is in this sense that he is a true project manager.

As the pressure increases on the people to keep their premises in top-notch condition, the role of a landscaper becomes of great importance. If you are considering landscaping as a profession, then that’s a great strategy, but make sure to have full knowledge of the field before taking your first landscaping job.